MatrixGold® 2019
adds a new dimension to Gemvision’s advanced CAD solutions. It combines top Matrix® and RhinoGold features with a simplified and fully customizable interface. MatrixGold® offers you more power, a curated set of tools, an intuitive workflow, and enhanced productivity.

From the developers of Matrix, the new MatrixGold is the most effective jewelry design software on the market. Design your completely custom pieces in MatrixGold, then printing and casting are simple.


  • Being jewelers ourselves, we understand the need for software which approaches design from a bench jeweler's mindset. That is why we've created an updated CAD software with tools that are fully focused on jewelry creation.

  • Use this parametric history / memory to reconfigure design changes quickly

  • We have made it easy to create gems, shanks, settings, renders, and more, helping you design as efficiently as possible.


  • A major strength MatrixGold offers is its use of parametric history. This new feature is the power behind the scenes, keeping track of all your steps in the design process, and allowing changes at any phase. The availabilty of this history means redesign or adjustment time can be cut down to seconds.

  • There is no longer any need to rebuild from scratch!


  • From the moment you start designing in MatrixGold, you will appreciate the accessibility of your complete jewelry-building toolset.

  • The software's intuitive interface helps jewelers quickly learn to create. With a fully customizable UI, MatrixGold allows for complete freedom to arrange your ideal workspace.


  • Although MatrixGold is great for designing from a blank slate, we also made things easy for those who prefer working from pre-built parts. Simply select a base design from our Collections, then make changes to suit your customer's needs.


  • Learning to use MatrixGold as a tool is important for any modern jeweler's success. That is why Gemvision offers flexible training options for our customers.

  • Join our Academy and gain access to training videos, working files, and more.


  • If organic designs are your signature, MatrixGold's Clayoo is the instrument for you.

  • Clayoo gives jewelers the tools to build beautifully and uniquely structured custom designs. Animals, flowers, patterns, reliefs, you name it, are no match for Clayoo.

Strong points

Rhino 6 CAD Engine

  • Developed using the latest version of McNeel’s CAD engine

  • Provides outstanding speed for greater responsiveness

  • Improves presentation, display, and more

Design Reporting

  • Improved volumizing tools that help you to estimate manufacturing prices

  • Users have access to gem mapping, material lists, and additional reporting enhancements

  • Combination of features from the RhinoGold Tech Report and Matrix® Reporting tools that promote ease of use and customer value.

MatrixGold HK