Use different "Curve" function to draw your jewelry.

"Jali" grid pattern making
"Jali" hollow pattern making2
"Clean Up" Fillet corner
  • Arc edge tool

"Helix" & "Spiral
"Extrude Curve" & "Dup Edge"
  • Extrusion and extraction edge lines

"Split Curve"
  • Dynamic cutting curve

"Through Points"
  • Line, Surface function

"Extend Curve" & "Blend Curve"
  • Edit curve position, blend amount

"From 2 views / Curve form 2 view" & "Cross section" & "Tween Curves"
  • Flip curve from curve, blend amount

"Arc" & "Parabola" &"Hyperbola" & "Conic"
"Extract Isocurve" & "Parabola" &"Hyperbola" & "Conic"
  • Extract Isocurve from surface, angle

"Rectangle" & "Polygon" &"Circle" 
  • Different way to draw the shape

"Offset" & "Through point" & "Normal to Surface"
  • Edit the distance for offset curve

"Curve Boolean"
  • Match curve

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